Healing Testimonials

Kath H. (Los Angeles, CA)

“Brian is a very powerful healer.  As a fellow energy healer, I could sense his energy upon meeting him.  He was very clear in the guided meditation and working with each chakra; I really felt an intense and tingling energy fill my body.  My physical temperature ranged from very cold to very hot, which is normal for me when energy is moving around a lot.  I reached what I describe as a theta brainwave state near the end which was pretty blissful.  He is very accurate as well; he knew I had a lot of energy/pain stored in my solar plexus area.  If you need any kind of re-alignment/reconnection – go see Brian!

Steven S. (Los Angeles, CA)

“When I first went to Brian, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I had spoken with him on the phone about what he did and his spiritual awakening, so I decided to try out a session. I eventually went back for 6 or 7 more (I truly lost count of the total). He is very intuitive and takes the time to write down what he intuits so he can discuss it with you after the session. Some of what he says may be on a deep unconscious level, and other things may be “surface” and conscious. He was always exactly right-on with his intuition which I think is a gift of his.”

“He is very passionate about what he does and takes it very seriously, which I appreciated. I approached it with an open mind, and I suggest that to anyone who is interested in trying it– just relax and remain calm and open to the experience. I was always made to feel welcome and comfortable in his home. I would lie on a massage table face up and fully clothed, without shoes. All of the work is done without him ever touching you except to place the healing stones on each chakra. At some point he might touch your temples near the end of the session. I can best describe what happened to me personally as a balancing and a re-aligning. Some of the sessions involved sensations or visualizations, and other times I just went into a very deep meditative state- completely relaxed. One particular session, I felt as if I had large shallow bowls filled with water at my lower 3 chakras, and then I felt this sensation of being tipped slightly to the side and watched as the water was emptied out. Another session, I felt as if a vacuum was placed on the top of my head and all this energy was being pulled up from my abdomen and out the top of my head– and he told me after the session that he had been “pulling it like a rope”. I definitely felt it. Different sessions would bring different flashes of colors, many times varying hues of violet or blue. On a couple of sessions I let out a quick and sudden burst of air from my mouth, almost with a moan sound. And sometimes I would experience a slight jolt in a hand or foot. The most common sensation I felt was a movement of energy, similar to a tingling, but there was a very slight electrical pulse to it. And there was always the sensation of this pulsing energy moving, or being moved.”

“Consequently, because of his work, I have felt the removal of some energetic blocks, and experienced a couple of breakthroughs on some personal issues that had perplexed me for years.”

“Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am very glad to have met him. We have had many discussions about his awakening and how it has greatly affected his life in a very positive way. He is a kind person, who exudes a working knowledge that can only come from an “old soul”. I recommend it highly.”

Kali M. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I was on a walk one day trying to clear my head when I came across Brian’s information regarding his energy healing. I felt that this was a direct sign from the universe regarding how I had been feeling and what to do about it. During the first conversation I had with Brian I became intrigued with his knowledge. His advanced spiritual enlightenment made me feel relaxed discussing what I wanted to get out of my energy healing session.”

“My experiences with energy healing have been profound. I have become more aware of the capacity my body has to compassionately heal my thoughts and my mind. Combining energy healing sessions with ongoing yoga, meditation and a proper diet are great ways to truly experience the kernel of every moment life has to offer.”

“Brian has truly helped me on my journey by being so spiritually intuitive. His suggestions on how I could work on any blockages in my chakras are extremely well informed and his work sincerely comes from a place of unconditional love. I have enjoyed enhancing my spiritual journey with his energy healing sessions. Brian’s work is professional and meaningful. I highly recommend it to anyone who is committed to learning more about themselves.”

Michelle C. (Los Angeles, CA)

“My experience receiving an energy healing with Brian was very powerful. He is very knowledgeable and experienced with energy and healing. I’m a bit intuitive myself and could feel energetically the effects of the healing on my body during the session. He knew exactly where I was having my main issue which is the reason I contacted him (without having told him beforehand). He also has a very peaceful vibe and I felt very comfortable with him. I’m so glad to have come across Brian and to have had this session with him. He definitely knows what he’s doing and is very precise and detailed about information he intuits and knows in how to help, and how I can now also help myself (with his recommendations). I highly recommend him!”

Tina G. (Saint Paul, MN)

“I had a wonderful crystal therapy session with Brian. He explains the process beforehand and is adept at answering any questions. The work itself is lead by a guided meditation which is helpful to relax and to bring yourself into the necessary space for energy work. He is clear with all instructions and feels trustworthy from the beginning. Afterwards he is able to talk with you about various items that came up during the session. I felt that he is knowledgable about his practice and an insightful person to talk to and work with. Many thanks, I highly recommend.”

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