Intuitive Energy Healing

What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Some have described it as a healing of the body, mind and soul. Emotional, mental, physical or spiritual healing will take place. The specific healing you will receive depends on what your higher intelligence/universal energy has in store for you at the moment. I use my intuitive ability to pick up on any blockages you may be carrying in your subtle energy body. A variety of energy healing modalities are used to address the areas you are ready to heal. In addition, you will receive greater insight into the thought patterns and behaviors that are having an adverse effect on you. Your natural healing ability will be awakened to provide you with opportunities for personal development and spiritual growth.


The energy healing involves lying fully clothed on a surface (usually bed or sofa) facing up.

I start off each session with a healing white light guided visualization Usui Reiki technique.

This is followed by opening up and cleansing all of the energy centers (chakras)

I then place chakra stones on each energy center if the client is comfortable with stones.

Afterwards I do multiple “body scans” to locate any blockages in the energy field.

Any blockages that are found are then worked on one by one.

Depending on what is happening in the above areas I will spend whatever time I am guided to on each energy center.

The first and last 5 – 10 minutes are held for relating any areas of concern and then discussion on what was experienced throughout the session. (After one session, the beginning and ending consultation can be skipped if desired)


90 min session: $200

Please contact Brian to book a session:

**Currently ONLY booking house call sessions in and around Los Angeles**

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