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Brian Russick is an intuitive energy healer and musician located in Los Angeles, CA

“After an intense spiritual awakening in 2011, I was opened up to the subtle energy field of myself and others. I have been intuitively drawn to do healing work on people ever since. My spiritual journey started right before I turned 21 while I was still living on the east coast. My father had been on a spiritual path for over 30 years and let me borrow a book written by a spiritual teacher Ram Dass entitled “Be Here Now”. I was blown away by the stories and experiences I read about in “Be Here Now”, which soon turned into an interest in spirituality. I first started by practicing kundalini yoga everyday for an hour. I felt incredible! Within 6 months I started meditating for an hour everyday.”

“One year later I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a music career and continued my spiritual practices. I found an excellent kundalini yoga studio near Pico/Robertson and started going every week. Eventually I started to become more focused on business and less on spirituality, there seemed to be a disconnect all of a sudden. I was distracted by work for the next year and slowly stopped doing yoga and rarely meditated. I started to become disenchanted with life during this time and felt like I kept running into walls with my business.”

“Fast forward three months, my life was about to be changed forever. I once again felt the urge to meditate and started back up with my practice an hour a day. A few weeks later I started feeling an intense connection with God/Universal Energies. I no longer doubted that there was a higher intelligence in the universe, it was clear as day. What happened next is hard to put into words. A few days later I was eating breakfast, got up from the table, and I started to experience shaking from my abdomen/solar plexus. My breath started to speed up and all of a sudden I felt unstable. I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to calm myself, I had no clue what was happening. Within seconds I felt the presence of my aunt who lives in New York City with me in the room. I felt her love overwhelmingly with me at that moment as if she was sitting beside me. I had a deep realization that we were connected, that there was no separation between us on a physical, mental, or spiritual level. The realizations continued next with my parents, my close friends, and then everyone. In that moment there was no separation at all; it was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced.”

“Soon after I left for a day trip to Santa Barbara which I had previously planned. On the drive there I had more realizations when I came into view of the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. I experienced at a core level that there was no separation between myself and the mountains or the water. I was just floating with bliss. I felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. There are many more occurrences which came after this initial moment of clarity but I won’t go into detail about them now. My life since then has been a continuous unfolding of sorts, an unraveling of the “personal self”. I will end by saying that this awakening opened me up to energies that I never knew existed and I have been drawn to doing healing work ever since. The work that I do comes from a place of unconditional love and peace.”

– Brian Russick

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